Monday, 18 September 2017

Yoga and Sadhana

All life is Yoga says the Master to bring all our different parts, to the Psychic being is a Sadhana. Hence transformation and progression in life’s mart is, conscious choice at each moment of one’s life. However the three distinction the Sadhak can take as pointer is psychicisation, spiritualization and the condition of supramentalization.

Difference between spiritual change and psychicisation
The psychic is the change that comes from within by the psychic dominating the mind, vital and physical. Psychicisation means the change of the lower nature bringing right vision into the mind, right impulse and feeling into the vital, right movement and habit into the physical – all turned towards the Divine, all based on love, adoration, bhakti – finally, the vision and sense of the Mother everywhere in all as well as in the heart, her Force working in the being, faith, consecration, surrender.

The spiritual is the change that descends from above. The spiritual change is established descent of the peace, light, knowledge, power, bliss from above, the awareness of the Self and the Devine and of a higher cosmic consciousness and the change of the whole consciousness and the change of the whole consciousness to that.

Conditions for Supramentalisation
1. One does not make a too personal or egoistic affair of it turning it into a
Nietzschean or other ambition to be a superman
2. One is ready to undergo the conditions and stages needed for the
3. One is sincere and regards it as part of the seeking of the Divine and
consequent culmination of the Divine will in one and insists on no more
than the fulfillment of that will whatever it may be, psychicisation, spiritualization or supramentalisation. It should be regarded as the fulfillment of God’s working in the world, not as a personal chance or achievement.

Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga(SABCL), Volume 24; Pg:1093

[ NOTE: By Dr. Shakuntala Manay for the month of September 2017]


The Mother and the Master have always told us to put the Psychic being in front. What is the real meaning of this and how does it happen ?

We have to understand the meaning and the relationship betweenthe Truth of our being andthe Psychic being .We talk about a Truth of our being- what is it after all?  This idea comes from the fact that Brahman is the subject and also the object, and so Braham exists as subjectivity in the object.  Sri Aurobindo says that all relations in the totality of objects therefore are determined by ‘their Inhabitant- the Self Existent, the Self-Becoming’---- one is the Truth of Being and the other is the Law of Becoming. The Truth of our existence is the ‘reality of things which fills and supports their idea and form’—the nama and rupa. This is not sensible to our physical instruments of knowledge (Katha U- 2.3.9). To realise this we have been sent to the earth. This is our mission.

The Psychic being over the years, develops around this Truth. The Truth is constant but the Psychic being is progressively evolving. Thus there is an evolving relationship between the Truth and the Psychic being, over our manylives. This process of unification (building relationship) requires what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother calls ‘rejection’, rejection of all that contradicts the ‘truth of our existence’. Along with the unification we must also purify our external being. The Divine consciousness when it descends, must find me ready (with lamps trimmed and lit, and in waiting) In proportion to our rejection, is our sense of unification, other conditions being satisfied.  That is how the Psychic is, influenced, guided and moved by the Truth. Gradually it manifests the Truth inside, in our outer consciousness. 

“The heavenly Psyche must put off her veil
And step into common natures crowed rooms
And stand uncovered in that nature’s front
And rule its thoughts and fill the body and life.” ( Savitri, Page 487)

This is how the Psychic being is established in front.

Monday, 28 August 2017


Sanskrit is one of the oldest and richest languages of the world. In the words of Sri Aurobindo, ‘The language itself is one of the most magnificent, the most perfect... at once majestic and sweet and flexible, vibrant and subtle...’ It was widely spoken across the country till a few centuries ago and was the administrative language used for communication between the various Indian kingdoms. In fact it ‘... is the oldest most continually used language in the world.’ (David Frawley)     
Our alienation from it is a recent phenomenon that gained momentum during the British rule. They observed that the source of our prosperity, innate strength and stability was our profound spiritual and rich cultural heritage all expressed in the Sanskrit tongue. In order to cut us off from our roots and thus weaken our faith in ourselves the British replaced Sanskrit with English in our education system. They succeeded with this political strategy. We are now free to regain this vital treasure but our strange and debilitating apathy towards it continues!! This process needs to be reversed soon if we are to regain our inner vitality and forge ahead as a strong, noble and prosperous nation. 

The sounds of this language are embedded in our genes. On beginning to learn it we encounter many familiar words. This is so because many Indian languages sprung from it and many others have a strong connect with it. Sanskrit can be easily learnt through the natural and engaging methods that have been evolved for this purpose. The Mother advices ‘Every child born in India should know Sanskrit’.

Our ancients referred to it as Dev Vani, that is, the language of the gods. Such indeed is its perfection of structure and its true and intimate relation between sound (vak) and sense (arth). It is time to reclaim this divine treasure that is our inheritance, to plunge into its invigorating waters and experience its uplifting and transforming influence on our consciousness.

-By Parul Desai