Monday, 18 September 2017


The Mother and the Master have always told us to put the Psychic being in front. What is the real meaning of this and how does it happen ?

We have to understand the meaning and the relationship betweenthe Truth of our being andthe Psychic being .We talk about a Truth of our being- what is it after all?  This idea comes from the fact that Brahman is the subject and also the object, and so Braham exists as subjectivity in the object.  Sri Aurobindo says that all relations in the totality of objects therefore are determined by ‘their Inhabitant- the Self Existent, the Self-Becoming’---- one is the Truth of Being and the other is the Law of Becoming. The Truth of our existence is the ‘reality of things which fills and supports their idea and form’—the nama and rupa. This is not sensible to our physical instruments of knowledge (Katha U- 2.3.9). To realise this we have been sent to the earth. This is our mission.

The Psychic being over the years, develops around this Truth. The Truth is constant but the Psychic being is progressively evolving. Thus there is an evolving relationship between the Truth and the Psychic being, over our manylives. This process of unification (building relationship) requires what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother calls ‘rejection’, rejection of all that contradicts the ‘truth of our existence’. Along with the unification we must also purify our external being. The Divine consciousness when it descends, must find me ready (with lamps trimmed and lit, and in waiting) In proportion to our rejection, is our sense of unification, other conditions being satisfied.  That is how the Psychic is, influenced, guided and moved by the Truth. Gradually it manifests the Truth inside, in our outer consciousness. 

“The heavenly Psyche must put off her veil
And step into common natures crowed rooms
And stand uncovered in that nature’s front
And rule its thoughts and fill the body and life.” ( Savitri, Page 487)

This is how the Psychic being is established in front.

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